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Avon Fishing Pier

Built by two local brothers from the village of Kinnakeet (now known as Avon Village), the pier took two years to construct. It opened its doors in the summer of 1963 and has been in continuous operation since then. The pier stretches 665 feet out into the Atlantic Ocean. Its visible crooked bends are testament to the forces of Mother Nature over the many years. Today the Avon Fishing Pier is the only pier remaining in operation in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The pier is world famous for its many records, especially with giant Red Drum that frequently school just off the end of the pier. Today the pier is in even better hands with ownership belonging to Koru Village Resort and Spa. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just taking the family fishing for the day, the Avon Fishing Pier is the perfect spot. Come and start a tradition of your very own today.

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Pier House

All of your fishing and beach needs are met just inside the Pier House. Fishing made simple. No need for a fishing license. Whether you are an avid angler or just taking the kids fishing for the day, the Avon Pier makes fishing fun

Call 252-995-5480


Fishing Needs

Rod, reels, combos, tackle, coolers, and accessories from the name brands you know and trust


  • Rental Rod Program- $10 all day
  • Beach needs- sunscreen, sunglasses, ice, and more
  • restrooms

Koru Gear

World-Famous Avon Pier T-shirts and hats.


  • food, ice cream and cold drinks
  • The Only Public Beach Front Parking In The Center Of Avon
  • Get Right On The Beach


Pier Cams

  • 15 hours ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Congrats to our week 8 winner Michael Ballard. He won with a 15" bluefish! Awesome!
    Timeline Photos
  • 16 hours ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Tickets are available at the Pier or at any Koru location!
    Koru Village and Spa
  • 23 hours ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PIER MANAGER KEITH!!!! Thank you for all that you do :)
    20 hours ago James Coughlin
    Happy BIRTHDAY
    21 hours ago Jimmy Lowder
    Happy Birthday big boy...I hope you have a great day!🍹🍹🍹
    21 hours ago Jason Sills
    Happy birthday this is Jason that did the fireworks
    22 hours ago Stacey Kite
    Happy Birthday Keith :)
    22 hours ago Merrilynn McStraw
    Happy Earthday sir
    22 hours ago Jon Ahrens
    Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
    23 hours ago Kathy Faries Macon
    Happy Birthday Mr. Keith !!!!!!
  • 1 day ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    TONIGHT! Get tickets now at Koru Village and Spa or at http://www.KoruVillage.com
    Koru Village and Spa
    1 day ago Jeffery Brock
    Kimberly Brock Baine I wanna go... you will very like be here tonight! Drink one for me...love ya!
    1 day ago Kellie Ragan
    Christy Harrell Robbins
    1 day ago Christy Harrell Robbins
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Marissa Coffield. 2.14lb citation pompano! Just caught!
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Debbie Coffield
    Way to out fish your dad Karissa Love You
    2 days ago TryOutdoorcom
    Great catch. Awesome
    2 days ago Keith Payne 2
    Wonder what bait the fish used ???😈😈
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    A 2nd chance to win 2 FREE TICKETS to Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute tomorrow. Comment your answer on Koru Village and Spa's post!
    Koru Village and Spa
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    *TICKET GIVEAWAY QUESTION* To win: 1. Share this post 2. Comment your answer to the band question of the day 3. Winner receives 2 FREE tickets to the Tuesday's Gone show Thurs. 7:30 ($30 value!) (Names will be put on Will-Call)
    **Questions will be posted daily at 12pm and 5pm, up until the concert.**
    Today's 12pm Question: What 3 names did the band perform under before settling on the name "Lynyrd Skynyrd?"
    Koru Village and Spa
    2 days ago Ligon McMurry
    The three band names are Mybackyard, Noble Five and One Percent.
    I think this is where write this comment down!
    2 days ago Ligon McMurry
    If we know the answer do we write it in the comments box or message it to y'all ?
    3 days ago Beyond Fishing Gear
    Important Info !
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    The Avon Luau tonight is SOLD OUT! Get your tickets for the Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute this Thursday before that sells out too! Tickets available at Spa Koru's front desk or http://www.KoruVillage.com!
    Koru Village and Spa
    3 days ago David Mitchell
    Michael Howard
  • 4 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Cooler full of spanish, blues, mullet, croaker and spot!
    Timeline Photos
    4 days ago Brian Oberle
    Jeffrey Dortch
    4 days ago MartyandJenny Aycock Ledford 1
    SteveandMaryann Kiddlooks like fresh shrimp I'm that bag...lol
    4 days ago SteveandMaryann Kidd
    What they biting on? I'll be there in 2 days.
    4 days ago Dale Edwards
    You call that full
  • 4 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Loads of Blues and Spanish out there today. Jumping everywhere! King was spotted too!
    Timeline Photos
    3 days ago Heidi Bristow
    What's usually out there in early September??
    4 days ago Mark Magiera
    I JUST left! !!!
    4 days ago Robert Wright
    My sister works and lives there she works at a bait shop
    4 days ago Dale Pecor
    Hope they stick around for a couple more weeks.
    4 days ago Steve Scearce
    Are they still catching blues,a nd Spanish. I'm a few miles up the road I may come down
    4 days ago Christopher J Fox
    Don't feel bad I didn't catch anything either u gotta be some yards off the end to catch decent size fish or alil luck I couldn't get a king rig out there unfortunately several ppl already out but maybe next time I'll hook a nice one
    4 days ago Meg Winslow 1
    how's the web cam repair going?
    4 days ago Mike Bowman
    U gotta catch the tide right
    4 days ago Robin Lindsay Rudd
    Of course I was there last week
    4 days ago George Stubbs 1
    Where are the fish when I come down?

The Spoon Coffee Shoppe

Whether you are a morning fisherman looking for a cup of great coffee and a quick biscuit or coming off the beach on an early morning walk and need to refuel with a refreshing beverage, The Spoon is the perfect spot. And for the beach crowd, now you can grab a quick bite in the middle of the day without missing a moment of beach time.

The Spoon Coffee Shoppe

The Spoon opens up every day at 6am. It is the perfect spot for the early birds. But the Spoon shines all day long whether it is a mid-day snack or a late evening ice cream and a walk on the pier. Slow down and enjoy the ride, and stay thirsty.

Avon Fishing Pier NC

We are OPEN for the 2015 season. Thanks to everyone for their business and support!!! Phone (252) 995-5480

Call Us For Info

Phone (252) 995-5480
41001 Highway 12,
Avon, North Carolina

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