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Avon Fishing Pier

Built by two local brothers from the village of Kinnakeet (now known as Avon Village), the pier took two years to construct. It opened its doors in the summer of 1963 and has been in continuous operation since then. The pier stretches 665 feet out into the Atlantic Ocean. Its visible crooked bends are testament to the forces of Mother Nature over the many years. Today the Avon Fishing Pier is the only pier remaining in operation in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The pier is world famous for its many records, especially with giant Red Drum that frequently school just off the end of the pier. Today the pier is in even better hands with ownership belonging to Koru Village Resort and Spa. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just taking the family fishing for the day, the Avon Fishing Pier is the perfect spot. Come and start a tradition of your very own today.

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Pier House

All of your fishing and beach needs are met just inside the Pier House. Fishing made simple. No need for a fishing license. Whether you are an avid angler or just taking the kids fishing for the day, the Avon Pier makes fishing fun

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Fishing Needs

Rod, reels, combos, tackle, coolers, and accessories from the name brands you know and trust


  • Rental Rod Program- $10 all day
  • Beach needs- sunscreen, sunglasses, ice, and more
  • restrooms

Koru Gear

World-Famous Avon Pier T-shirts and hats.


  • food, ice cream and cold drinks
  • The Only Public Beach Front Parking In The Center Of Avon
  • Get Right On The Beach


Pier Cams

  • 1 day ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    How to sign up for the 3rd Annual PBR Classic Fishing Tournament online:
    Visit: http://koruvillage.com/
    Click on "Events" on the right hand side
    Find the "PBR Classic Fishing Tournament" and add it to your cart!
    Email or call us with your T-Shirt size!
    Koru Village | The Heart Of Avon
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    With all of the red drum being caught, its time to sign up for the 3rd Annual PBR Classic Fishing Tournament! This year the tournament will take place on Veteran's Day weekend and will benefit Sons Of The American Legion project "Comfort Warrior"
    3rd Annual PBR Classic Fishing Tournament
    1 day ago Brian J Planz
    Chris Finley
    Walter Payette
    1 day ago Jeff Thilking
    Matt Nolen
    1 day ago Denny Mckinney
    That sounds fun
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    One final fundraising effort will go down at Pangea Tavern's Pink Party for the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation on Saturday! Your last change to vote on bras for a cause, and get your pink tricycle raffle ticket!
    3rd Annual Pink Party
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Come see us! Plenty of spot, nice sea mullet, puppy drum, trout and a few big drum caught yesterday! Let's see what's in store for today...
    Timeline Photos
    2 days ago Sandra Myers
    Be there soon, keep the fish a coming!!!!
    2 days ago Mike Kirk
    Would love too
    2 days ago Leann Carpenter
    Gorgeous photo
    2 days ago Stephanie Wilkes
    Be there Saturday...thanks for all the updates
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    What would you do if you won the pink tricycle? Let us know in the comments, and maybe you'll be in the next video!
    Buy raffle tickets for the pink tricycle at Spa Koru. All proceeds go to the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation.
    Koru Village and Spa
    2 days ago Bryan Lester 1
    Weld rod holders on it and go fishing...lol
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    John with a 42" drum just landed!
    Timeline Photos
    3 days ago Elizabeth Suzanne
    Jon Jenkins, ahh we need to go later next year.
    3 days ago Jessica Stevenson 1
    Rick Smith
    3 days ago Kyla Keever Alexander 1
    Corey Alexander
    3 days ago Jimmy Rogers Fillion 1
    Chris Akers
    3 days ago Jeremy Brooks
    Why by the gills
    3 days ago Avon Fishing Pier NC 1
    This fish went back in the water unharmed.
    3 days ago Jake Worthington 6
    A high number of tagged fish have been recaptured that were held like that. They're not as fragile as you'd think. Pretty work John
    3 days ago Ray Zaballa
    Not a good way to hold a fish that has to be released.
    3 days ago Jason Ruditys 1
    garantee that fish will die . what not to do when you catch a trophy drum that you have to release back in the wild unharmed
    3 days ago Greg Sorrell 1
    Killing that fish. Hold it correctly.
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Sheepshead being caught
    Fish Caught 2016
    3 days ago George Stubbs 1
    Where do they put the fish when I go to Avon fishing pier?
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    44" drum landed yesterday afternoon! Now is the time to sign up for the PBR tourney! You can sign up over the phone!
    Big Drum Caught 2016
    2 days ago Raechel Byrne-Grabarz
    Rich Grabarz
    3 days ago Ray Dougan
    Could you imagine Lil Rays face if we caught one of these Carol Cratty-Dougan!
    Got to go back sometime!
    2 days ago Jeff Joyner
    3 days ago Nick Out
    hope you bless that fish when you eat it
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Good morning everyone! Another beautiful day ahead :)
    Timeline Photos
    2 days ago Mike Kirk
    Good Morning, have a wonderful day
    3 days ago Marilyn Naval Bradley
    b there soon!
    3 days ago Karla Kay Ratliff Brown
    Wish I was there 😕
    3 days ago James Zany Sadler 1
    I really miss being there, thank you for the morning wake up.
  • 4 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Our very own Earl, showing off the pink tricycle. Buy a raffle ticket at Spa Koru and help support the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation!
    Koru Village and Spa

The Spoon Coffee Shoppe

Whether you are a morning fisherman looking for a cup of great coffee and a quick biscuit or coming off the beach on an early morning walk and need to refuel with a refreshing beverage, The Spoon is the perfect spot. And for the beach crowd, now you can grab a quick bite in the middle of the day without missing a moment of beach time.

The Spoon Coffee Shoppe

The Spoon opens up every day at 6am. It is the perfect spot for the early birds. But the Spoon shines all day long whether it is a mid-day snack or a late evening ice cream and a walk on the pier. Slow down and enjoy the ride, and stay thirsty.

Avon Fishing Pier NC

We are OPEN for the 2015 season. Thanks to everyone for their business and support!!! Phone (252) 995-5480

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